May 2019

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MAY 2019 Beacon Light Bible Reading Plan

                                      Stories of The Bible

Wed.     1-May A Song of Praise Psalm  98
Thurs. 2-May His Holiness Psalm  99
Fri. 3-May His Faithfulness Psalm 100
SAB. 4-May My Faithfulness Psalm 101
Sun. 5-May His Eternal Love Psalm 102
Mon. 6-May His Mercies Psalm 103
Tues. 7-May His Providence Psalm 104
Wed. 8-May Forever Faithful Psalm 105
Thurs. 9-May Joy in Forgiveness Psalm 106
Fri. 10-May Thanks! Deliverance Psalm 107
SAB 11-May Victory Psalm 108
Sun. 12-May False Acusers Psalm 109
Mon. 13-May The Messiah’s Reign Psalm 110
Tues. 14-May Praise for His Justice Psalm 111
Wed. 15-May The Blessed Righteous Psalm 112
Thurs. 16-May God’s Majesty Psalm 113
Fri.  17-May The Power of God Psalm 114
SAB. 18-May Futile Idols Psalm 115
Sun.  19-May Thanksgiving  Psalm 116
Mon. 20-May Let All Praise the Lord Psalm 118
Tues. 21-May His Word – Excellent Psalm 119:  1-88
Wed.  22-May His Excellent Word Psalm 119:89-176
Thurs.        23-May Plea for Relief Psalm 120
Fri.              24-May   God Our Help Psalm 121
SAB             25-May The Joy of Church Psalm 122
Sun.            26-May  Prayer for Relief Psalm 123
Mon.           27-May The Lord Our Defence Psalm 124
Tues.          28-May The Lord Our Strength Psalm 125
Wed.                 29-May  A Joyful Return to Zion Psalm 126
Thurs.        30-May  Laboring with the Lord Pslam 127
Fri.              31-May Blessings  of Loving  God Psalm 128