MAY 2018

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                                                    Beacon Light                                                                                                                      Daily Bible Reading Plan                                                                                                                            May 2018


1-May Can You Believe Balaam? Numbers 23
2-May  You Can’t Curse what God Bless!         Numbers 24
3-May God is Serious! Numbers 25
4-May  Fair is Fair! Numbers 27
5-May A Vow is Serious Business Numbers 30
6-May Vengeance is Belongs to God Numbers 31
7-May What a Journey! Numbers 33
8-May Rules to Live By Israel! Numbers 35
9-May Marriage and Property Laws Numbers 36
10-May No Faith- Journey Lengthens Deuteronomy 01
11-May Rehearsing the Journey Deuteronomy 02
12-May Don’t Fear the Enemy! Deuteronomy 03
13-May Remember to Remember God Deuteronomy 04
14-May The Ten Commands Deuteronomy 05
15-May Be Sure to Tell Your Children Deuteronomy 06
16-May I Chose you Israel, so Remember Deuteronomy 07
17-May Again! Don’t forget God! Deuteronomy 08
18-May It’s Not because you were good! Deuteronomy 09
19-May Over & Over He Reminded them. Deuteronomy 11
20-May List of Stuff to Eat Deuteronomy 14
21-May Not a Wizard but a Prophet Deuteronomy 18
22-May How to Live with Each other Deuteronomy 19
23-May Rules of War Deuteronomy 20
24-May Blessings and Cursings Deuteronomy 28
25-May Moses Passing over Leadership Deuteronomy 31
26-May The Death of Moses Deuteronomy 34
27-May God’s Promise to Joshua Joshua 01
28-May Rahab, the Harlot Joshua 02
29-May The Jordan River Parted! Joshua 03
30-May Remember God’s Miracles Joshua 04
31-May Are You For Us or For Our Enemies? Joshua 05