MARCH  2018

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Bible Reading Plan March 2018
Believe His Word, Live in His Presence, Reflect His Love
“The Stories of the Bible"
Today's Date Today's Story Today's Scripture
1-Mar Jacob’s Family Drama Genesis 43
2-Mar Joseph’s Testing Them Genesis 44
3-Mar I am Joseph! Genesis 45
4-Mar Jacob’s Family to Egypt! Genesis 46
5-Mar Israel in Goshen Genesis 47
6-Mar Jacob blesses Joseph’s sons Genesis 48
7-Mar Jacob blesses the 12 Tribes Genesis 49
8-Mar Jacob Dies in Goshen! Genesis 50:1-14
9-Mar Joseph’s Attitude and Death Genesis 50:15-28
10-Mar A New Wicked Pharaoh Exodus 1
11-Mar Moses is Born! Exodus 2:1-10
12-Mar Moses Runs Ahead of God!! Exodus 2:11-24
13-Mar Moses Goes Back to Egypt Exodus 3
14-Mar Moses Makes Excuses! Exodus 4
15-Mar Things get Worse for Israel Exodus 5
16-Mar Go to the Pharaoh Again?? Exodus 6
17-Mar Magic in Pharaoh’s Palace! Exodus 7
18-Mar Stubborn Beyond Belief! Exodus 8
19-Mar The Plagues Continue! Exodus 9
20-Mar You talk about Stubborn! Exodus 10
21-Mar One More Chance! Exodus 11
22-Mar Saved by Blood! Exodus 12
23-Mar Never Forget God’s Blessings  Exodus 13
24-Mar A Path through the Sea!    Exodus 14
25-Mar Remember to Praise God. Exodus 15
26-Mar The Complainers! Exodus 16
27-Mar The Wilderness of Sin. Exodus 17
28-Mar Jethro- A Wise Father-in-law Exodus 18
29-Mar God and His People Exodus 19
30-Mar Wow! The Ten Commands Exodus 20
31-Mar More Rules for Israel Exodus 21