MAR 2019

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 March Bible Reading Plan

Fri        1-Mar The Righteous vs The Wicked Psalm 37
SAB.    2-Mar Prayer in Chastening Time Psalm 38
Sun. 3-Mar Prayer for Wisdom/Forgiveness Psalm 39
Mon. 4-Mar Faith Persevering in Trial Psalm 40
Tues.   5-Mar Blessing/Suffering of the Godly Psalm 41
Wed 6-Mar Yearning for God in  Distress Psalm 42
Thur. 7-Mar Prayer in Time of Trouble Psalm 43
Fri.  8-Mar Redemption Still Remembered Psalm 44
SAB.  9-Mar The Glory of the Messiah’s Bride Psalm 45
Sun.  10-Mar God our Refuge Psalm 46
Mon. 11-Mar Praise to God Psalm 47
Tues. 12-Mar The Glory of God in Zion Psalm 48
 Wed. 13-Mar The Confidence of the Foolish! Psalm 49
Thur. 14-Mar God the Righteous Judge Psalm 50
Fri. 15-Mar The Greatest Prayer of Repentance Psalm 51
SAB. 16-Mar Reward of the Wicked and Godly Psalm 52
Sun. 17-Mar Folly of the Godless Psalm 53
Mon.  18-Mar Answered Prayer Psalm 54
Tues.  19-Mar Turst in God even in Treachery Psalm 55
Wed. 20-Mar Prayer for Relief from Tormenters Psalm 56
Thur. 21-Mar Prayer for Safety from Enemies Psalm 57
Fri. 22-Mar Just Judgment of the Wicked Psalm 58
SAB. 23-Mar Judgment of the Wicked Assured Psalm 59
Sun 24-Mar Urgent Prayer for Restored Favor Psalm 60
Mon. 25-Mar Assurance of God’s Protection Psalm 61
Tues 26-Mar A Calm Resolve to Wait of God Psalm 62
Wed.  27-Mar Joy in God’s Fellowship Psalm 63
Thur. 28-Mar Rejoicing  Inspite of  Psalm 64
Fri..  29-Mar Praise to God Psalm 65
SAB.  30-Mar Praise to God for His Works! Psalm 66
Sun. 31-Mar An Invocation and Doxology Psalm 67