June 2019

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SAB 1-Jun Victory over Enemies Psalm 129
Sun 2-Jun Waiting for Redemption Psalm 130
Mon 3-Jun The Eternal Dwelling Psalm 131,132
Tues  4-Jun Unity and Praises Psalm 133,134
Wed  5-Jun Praise to God In Creation Psalm 135
Thur   6-Jun Thanksgiving for His Mercy Psalm 136
Fri 7-Jun Longing for Zion Psalm 137
SAB 8-Jun The Lord’s Goodness Psalm 138
Sun 9-Jun God’s Perfect Knowledge Psalm 139
Mon 10-Jun Prayer for Deliverance Psalm 140
Tues  11-Jun Prayer for Safekeeping Psalm 141
Wed 12-Jun A Plea for Deliverance Psalm 142
Thur 13-Jun Prayer for Guidance Psalm 143
Fri 14-Jun A Song of Preservation Psalm 144
SAB 15-Jun A Song of God’s Majesty Psalm 145
Sun 16-Jun The Joy of Forgiveness Psalm  32
Mon 17-Jun The Happiness of  Trusting Psalm  34
Tues  18-Jun Happiness  in the Lord Psalm 146
Wed 19-Jun Praise God for His Word Psalm 147
Thur  20-Jun Praise to the Lord  Psalm 148
Fri 21-Jun Praises to God Psalm 149,150
SAB 22-Jun The Beginning of  Knowledge Proverbs 01
Sun 23-Jun The Value of Wisdom Proverbs 02
Mon 24-Jun Guidance for the Young Proverbs 03
Tues  25-Jun Security in Wisdom Proverbs 04
Wed 26-Jun The Peril of Adultery Proverbs 05
Thur  27-Jun Dangerous Promises Proverbs 06
Fri 28-Jun Keep My Words Proverbs 07
SAB 29-Jun The Excellence of Wisdom Proverbs 08
Sun 30-Jun The Way of Wisdom Proverbs 09