JUNE 2018

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     The Stories of the Bible




1-Jun Strange Strategy for Victory! Joshua   6
2-Jun Achan! Trouble Maker Joshua   7
3-Jun Defeat of Ai this time! Joshua   8
4-Jun Joshua scammed by the Gibea Joshua   9
5-Jun When the sun stood still Joshua  10
6-Jun More conquest promised Joshua  11
7-Jun Caleb is the man! Joshua  14
8-Jun Some last words from Joshua Joshua  23
9-Jun Remember, Remember Joshua  24
10-Jun Joshua dies at 110 Judges  02
11-Jun They did Evil in his sight Judges  03
12-Jun Jael’s brave deed Judges  04
13-Jun The story of Gideon Judges  06
14-Jun Gideon’s Army Judges  07
15-Jun After Gideon  Judges  08
16-Jun Goings on among the people! Judges  09
17-Jun Be careful what you vow.  Judges  11
18-Jun Sampson’s parents Judges  13
19-Jun Smoson on the scene Judges  14
20-Jun More on Sampson Judges 15
21-Jun Sampson and Delilah Judges 16
22-Jun The five men Judges 18
23-Jun A Horrible Story Judges 19
24-Jun Result of Evil Living Judges 20
25-Jun Did their own thing Judges 21
26-Jun The story of Ruth Ruth 01
27-Jun Ruth story contd. Ruth 02
28-Jun Ruth and Boaz Ruth 03
29-Jun Ruth gets a Husband Ruth 04
30-Jun The story of Hannah 1 Samuel 01