JAN 2018

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 Beacon Light Bible Reading Program

                                                   Feb 2019

                                              Stories of the Bible

Friday 1-Feb Prayer and Thanksgiving Psalm 09
Sabbath 2-Feb Song of Confidence Psalm 10
Sunday 3-Feb Faith in God’s Righteousness Psalm 11
Monday 4-Feb God’s Constancy Psalm 12
Tuesday 5-Feb Trust in the Lord Psalm 13
Wednesday 6-Feb Folly of the Godless Psalm 14
Thursday 7-Feb Character of the Godly Psalm 15
Friday 8-Feb Hope of the Faithful Hope of the Faithful
Sabbath 9-Feb Pray with Confidence Psalm 17
Sunday 10-Feb The Sovereign Savior  Psalm 18
Monday 11-Feb The Perfect Revelation Psalm 19
Tuesday 12-Feb God’s Saving Work Psalm 20
Wednesday 13-Feb The Joy of Salvation Psalm 21
Thursday 14-Feb The Messiah Psalm 22
Friday 15-Feb Your Shepherd Psalm 23
Sabbath 16-Feb The King of Glory Psalm 24
Sunday 17-Feb Plea for Deliverance  Psalm 25
Monday 18-Feb Prayer for Redemption Psalm 26
Tuesday 19-Feb A Declaration of Faith Psalm 27
Wednesday 20-Feb Answered Prayer!  Psalm 28
Thursday 21-Feb God’s Holiness and Majesty Psalm 29
Friday 22-Feb Joy of Answered Prayer Psalm 30
Sabbath 23-Feb The Lord our Fortress Psalm 31
Sunday 24-Feb The Joy of Forgiveness Psalm 32
Monday 25-Feb God is Creator Psalm 33
Tuesday 26-Feb Trust Brings Happiness Psalm 34
Wednesday 27-Feb The Lord the Avenger Psalm 35
Thursday 28-Feb Man’s Wickedness Psalm 36
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