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Beacon Light Bible Reading Plan  

                                December 2018






                              Stories of the Bible

  Sabbath   1-Dec   Nehemiah 8   Ezra Reads the Law
  Sunday   2-Dec   Nehemiah 9 The People Confess
  Monday   3-Dec   Nehemiah 10 The Sealed Covenant
  Tuesday   4-Dec   Nehemiah 11 The People in Jerusalem
  Wednesday 5-Dec   Nehemiah 12 The Priest and Levites
  Thursday   6-Dec   Nehemiah 13 Principles of Separatism
  Friday   7-Dec   Esther 01 Queen Vashti Dethroned
  Sabbath   8-Dec   Esther 02 Esther Becomes  Queen
  Sunday   9-Dec   Esther 03 Haman's Conspiracy
  Monday   10-Dec   Esther 04 Ester Helps the Jews
  Tuesday   11-Dec   Esther 05 Esther's Banquet
  Wednesday 12-Dec   Esther 06   Mordecai Honored
  Thursday   13-Dec   Esther 07    Haman Hanged
  Friday   14-Dec    Esther 08   Esther Saves the Jews
  Sabbath   15-Dec   Esther 09,10   Enemies Destroyed
  Sunday   16-Dec   Job 01   Job and His Family
  Monday   17-Dec   Job 02   Satan Attacks Job's Health
  Tuesday   18-Dec   Job 03   Job Deplores His Birth
  Wednesday 19-Dec   Job 04   Eliphaz: Job Has Sinned
  Thursday   20-Dec   Job 05   Eliphaz: God Chastens Job
  Friday   21-Dec   Job 06   Job:  My Complaint Is Just
  Sabbath   22-Dec   Job 07   My Suffering Is Comfortless
  Sunday   23-Dec   Job 08    Bildad:  Job Should Repent
  Monday   24-Dec   Job 09   Job:  There Is No Mediator
  Tuesday   25-Dec   Job 10   Job:  I Would Plead With God
  Wednesday 26-Dec   Job 11     Zophar Urges Job to Repent
  Thursday   27-Dec   Job 12   Job Answers His Critics
  Friday   28-Dec   Job 13,14   Job Continues to Respond
  Sabbath   29-Dec   Job 15   Eliphaz Accuses Job of Folly
  Sunday   30-Dec   Job 16   Job Reproaches His Friends
  Monday   31-Dec   Job 17   Job Prays for Relief
      May God Richly Bless You As You     
                        Consistently Read HIS Word
                       Pastor Hamilton J. Williams